Day 1

Why am I here

First thing.  I want to write more, better, faster, be more profound.  But what is holding me back from it? Somebody said (I can’t recall who) it’s all about leaning your head forwards and letting the thoughts fall onto the page.  That simple!  

From another perspective, an auteur invited to the “Grande Librairie” (a French literature TV-show) stated that people who write (she meant really write) don’t ask themselves such questions.  They just write.  They have a profound purpose within that urges them to write.  Cool! 

So, if it’s the case, what am I doing forcing myself to put words on a paper or a computer screen?  Am I crazy or what? Or just masochist?  Of course, I could try to unfold every tiny detail of life (micro perspective); as time passes by, like Proust, if you like. But am I Proust? Hell no! 

I thought then I could open a blog to make a few bucks – euros in reality. I  even bought a domain name and a three years host account, despite my weak financial situation.  I was driven by a sort of “superstition” aiming that nothing in the universe could ever hold me back from fulfilling my goals if I had done so. 

Guess what? Nothing happened. I thought and thought and thought how my blog should like, what type article I should write, who I should write for.  Was there a niche for my topic? What topic? What niche?  I didn’t have a clue.  

So I went out in the www, searching for inspiration. I wanted to learn how a proper blog looks like. Unfortunately, I discovered that many of them were F****g boring because designed for the only purpose of attracting prospects: SEO friendly, they say. 

As conclusion, I thought the best thing I had to do was to forget the idea of selling. I had nothing to propose, nor ebooks, nor online courses, nothing. I found it brilliant, for a while, to have an “about” page saying something like: If you’re looking for some kind of solution, method, or technique to skyrocket your career, to be a better this or that, you came precisely to the wrong place. I promise you nothing, or whatsoever. Others can perform this much better than me.  Have a look around, lady Serendipity will find you. That was smart! 

But the morning after, I felt like a Golden Retriever puppy dog having to get back to the niche, hoping for someone kind anought to throw him a rotten bone to bite his frustration off – does that sound English ? 

And here I am again, trying again and again to find my way, a direction to follow.  Back to the same point, I was yesterday. And the day before. In this crazy world, who is falling apart.  

Make’s me think of a topic: how can we behave ethically in this crazy, collapsing world? I mean practically. Sound serious. Again.