Day 3

100 ideas worth writing 

1. Encourage retreated people to grab their musical instrument and play like never before.

2. Organize philosophical walks in the mountains. 

3. Explaining the cycle of fifths to musicians who never spend enough time understanding its utility.

4.  Defining what exactly an idea is.

5. Inventing a method that prevents falling asleep when you should stay awake.

6. The story of a guy who responds personally to every single mail he receives. 

7. One has to clarify that trips to Mars won’t be that useful for mankind. Are they any volunteers for that? 

8. Understanding and preventing writer’s block. Is there a méthode for that?

9. A school teaches the wisdom necessary to prevent “hating” those who party in the middle of a world pandemic. Who are they ? 

10. Being creative is being able to simplify complex thoughts. I want to learn how to become that person.

11. I want to learn and comprehend the concept of blockchain. Everybody talks about it. How come I still ignore what the thing is all about?

12. I want to synthesize all the things I know, or I think I Know, about writing and transform it into a readable, understandable format. 

13. I would love to raise a dynamic network with pleasant and enriching people to collaborate with.  

14. Relying exclusively on willpower to achieve goals is useless.  Sticking to a coherent revisable process is a better path to go. 

15. I dream of a world where people would collaborate instead of competing. 

16. Having a notebook in your pocket with an index page on the front page is an excellent place to start being creative. I should never forget taking one with me.

17. Fear of being mediocre often holds me back from writing. 

18. I want to be a better listener. 

19. I want to live in a more quiet environment.

20. I want to build up a community of 1000 « fans » within five years from now.

21. I want to live in a place where my wife and I can live a simple, productive life. 

22. I want to live in a house with a bit of a garden where our cat can chase butterflies and all kinds of stuff.

23. I  want to travel by train, bus, and boats and reduce using airplanes as much as possible. 

24. I want to build up an engaging blog. 

25. I need to try other forms of communication as podcasts.  

26. I consider picking up ideas from others as a serious and ethical way of being creative. 

27. I don’t aspire to be an expert. I wish to keep a beginner mindset vivid in me.

28. Everything has already been said. That’s O.K. But there is always a way to express it with your own words and feelings. 

29. When will somebody invent a technique to prevent dogs barking against each other when they cross in the street?

30. I would love to find a way to make seagulls shut the F***K up in the middle of the night, especially in summer.  

31. I want to understand more why I do the things I do and say most of the time. Or at least get better at it. 

32. I want to write more about the methods and understand the mimetic bias that drives human organizations.   

33. I want to be less ignorant about trees, flowers and learn to observe them more, instead of viewing them just as a pleasant background.

34. I want to learn a lot more about cognitive biases. 

35. I love writing materials, pencils, ink pens, markers, notebooks, paper. I love them all. 

36. I cherish the idea of pursuing meaningful habits. 

37. I adore the way my wife touches my bold head when I just shaved. I always wonder why she stops doing that. 

38. I fancy jazz, blues, soul music, popular songs, in a certain way, all type of music that unfolds « interesting » melodic chord changes. 

39. Whatever you are doing, where ever you are, never forget to take a deep breath once in a while. 

40. When confusion overruns your brain, one should grab a pencil, take a deep breath, and doodle aimlessly on a sheet of paper.

41. I want to learn more about the digital platform that hosts Creazee. 

42. I love the time of the siesta after lunchtime. Short but effective. 

43. I enjoy the moment when I sit at my desktop with a cup of expresso at five clocks in the morning. 

44. I dream of a world where politician hold back their criticisms when the context requires unity, like in a middle of a worldwide pandemic. Damned!  

45. I think I write to gain a better perception of the world. 

46. I want to learn how to be more productive and organized in my work as in my private life.  

47. If you can play the blues, you can almost make it anywhere. 

48. Knowing things means being able to do them. 

49. Speaking about blogging, I want to improve writing without forgetting that most readers dislike reading. They want it straight to the point.  

50. I never want to forget that this day could be the last day of my life.

51. Reading every day a few paragraphs of Marc Aurelius’ thoughts for himself is probably a good idea. Extraordinary man this guy was! 

52. I want to dig more profoundly into the Zettelkasten method and implement it to my specific needs. 

53. I want to stop overthinking each time an idea arises in my head. If you want to acknowledge if something works or not. Try first and see after what happens. 

54. I want to improve speaking in front of a camera. 

55. I want to be more efficient and regular in my workout program and tweak it to fit my age. 

56. I like hiking in the mountains.  

57. I like to listen to music while taking my shower. 

58. By the way, I love cold showers, even in winter. It feels so good after!  I should resume the habit. 

59. I love the Italian movies from the seventies. Narrating drama with humor is all that life is about, in my taste.   

60. I would love to spend some time in Rome with my wife. We said we would take a six-month off for that. The pandemic prevented us from doing so. 

61. II would like to spend a few months in Brazil because of its extraordinary musical vitality. Rhythm and harmony, all in one.

62. I love crawling. There is no swimming technique as elegant and smooth as crawl. It is quite a challenge  to teach to others.  

63. I am passionate about visual communication (sketchnoting etc.)

64. I want to improve the way I exercise visual communication.

65. I want to walk at least one hour a day, especially during this pandemic.  

66. I aspire to clarify that identity is much more than being part of a nationality or a group of people defined by physical or symbolic borders. 

67. I want to improve my curiosity towards differences and avoid judging at first sight. 

68. I want to improve the skill of finding suitable examples each time I have to express an idea or a complex concept.    

69. I want to improve the skill of transposing concepts and thoughts into pictures or combining words and images to clarify whatever I am trying to say or understand.

70. I should go for a walk each time I get stuck in my mind. 

71. I have to avoid editing during the writing process. 

72. I want to increase my awareness of my privileges and never forget them. 

73. I want to train my capability of memorizing things. 

74. I want to build up an online business based on my ability to deliver value to a limited amount of people.

75. I want to be more human and fight back my sarcastic tendencies.

76. I have to work hard on the idea of being optimistic, reasonably optimistic, that means.  

77. I want to stop maintaining a certain consciousness of the absurdity of humankind. 

78. I want to develop the capacity of… what? I forgot to write it down. 

79 If we wear trees, it would be normal to stay in a given place. But we are not. 

80- Sometimes, I think I should meditate. But I’m not sure what that means. Is it all about sitting on my butt and just be there without purpose? 

81- I will drink more water every day. Tee is also fine. 

82. Procrastination is the main cause that holds me back from writing—having sed that equals zero. I have to investigate the subject more. Or maybe not.  

83. Is being tolerant with dogmatic people worth it?  

84. Finding the accurate words to designate reality is a particularly important task everybody should try to be better at.   

85. Does the amount of our vocabulary determine our ability to think wisely? 

86. I want to live in the countryside, but I am not sure I can cope with it. Do I really know what I want? 

87. I want to be more explicit every time somebody asks me, what do you do in life? Hold back the temptation of replying, “mind your own business” because of my embarrassment to answer it.  

88. What is an idea if not an attempt to answer a question? Or am I splitting a hair?   

89. I like Austin Kleon’s suggestion, which is:  exercise for 100 days, you will suck less. 

90. My father used to say, “never ask somebody to do something you can’t do yourself”. It was a piece of advice I try never to forget. 

91. I want to improve music sight-reading; it’s an excellent technique to keep a youthful bain. 

92. Achieving a task is always the difficult part, as this exercise of finding 100 ideas worths writing about. I want to find a way to make it easier and less painful for me. 

93. I want to increase my capability to cope with criticism.  

94. Writing is more often than never driven by narcissism. There’s nothing wrong with that as long you are not boring.  

95. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I wash my hands more than before. Is it real, or am I making this up in my mind?  

96. If you want to achieve something big, start small and forget about the outcome. 

97. Watching tv-series is the modern form of alienation.  

98. I miss traveling. Will it be possible after the pandemic.  

99. We have to stop waiting the day after the pandemic. There will be no day after; at best, it will be some kind of ungraspable transition.  

100. My favorite quote: Futur isn’t about what will happen, but what we will do.