Day 6 / The 200 words challenge.

Today I chose to write about Kaizen. A Japanese principle used in the automotive industry. It consists of the assertion that a succession of small changes can produce significant transformations when conducted systematically and with full awareness.    

Daphne Gray-Grant, an American literary coach, adopts the principle in her book “Happy First Draft”. When you want to write an important text, she says, the small steps strategy is always a winner. 

You proceed by small sprints spaced out in time. Thanks to a succession of micro-successes, Kaizen triggers a virtuous spiral. We always want more. We get a taste for the rewards we give ourselves each time we reach the sprint’s end. The writing sessions become less and less intimidating. Gradually the stream becomes a river, and the river an ocean… well, you get the picture.  

This Philosophy is more a doctrine of wisdom and inner peace than a rigid discipline of the will. Small bits of texts are always better than the desert of a blank page. At least we have the beginning of something, a raw material to begin with. Setting a challenge of 200 words per writing session is undoubtedly a piece of good advice to begin with.