Letter to myself.

Dear me, how are you doing ? 

I have already managed to post five articles on my blog. It’s the first time for me. I’ve agreed to jump into cold water, and that’s really excellent news for me. 

And how will you feel in three weeks from now, at the end of this Creazee challenge? 

I feel like I’m off to a flying start. Fast. Too fast, maybe. 

Massimo offers us a reflection step. It is welcome. 

Yesterday I asked myself: will I be able to go to the end of the adventure? Is it worth continuing? Yes, of course, it is. Giving up is not an option for me. 

I want too much to know the satisfaction of saying to myself: I did it! So, unless a significant obstacle closes the road, death or illness or whatever, yes, I will be there until the last day of the challenge. 

I’m, however, concerned about the place the challenge takes in my daily life and the other coming projects, and the energy they require. 

How can I install this habit parallel to my other commitments? This raises questions of organization. The question is not whether I should continue, but the suitable system to make the habit possible. 

What is a habit? How do I install it? What does it need to feed itself and produce the virtuous circle effect? What does it take to transform the routine to something manageable, the less intimidating as possible, to avoid procrastination? 

Where should I write? 

How many words should I write? 

What is the best time to write? 

For how long? 

Which method shlould I choose? 

What steps in the writing process? 


These are the questions I need to find answers to if I want to install writing as a lasting habit, as evident as brushing my teeth after every meal or taking a shower before going to bed. 

How do I feel on day 7? Good. Pretty good. I have regained confidence in my abilities, the period of doubt I was in has gone away. I am aware that it will come back sometime. It’s part of the game. I know that. But it doesn’t scare me anymore. I have confidence in my ability to overcome them. 

My biggest doubts are about my ability to write in English. If there weren’t Deepl and Grammarly to help me, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the task. At least, it would take me an excessive amount of time to complete each piece of writing. These tools chew up about half the work. I know they aren’t perfect, if not often inaccurate, but it’s better than nothing, and they give me a ground base to edit. I can’t estimate my text’s readability. Are they fluid? Hard to read? Are they full of clumsiness? Understandable enough? Only a native reader can tell me.

My partner wondered about the relevance of writing in English. Why write in a foreign language when I can express myself much better in French? 

The challenge itself is interesting. But what will I do with it after Creazee? For the moment, I have no idea. The decision may come along the way. I will see in time.  

Do I see any opportunities?

For the moment, the prospects of opportunities are still vague. I perceive them. I imagine them possible, but I don’t see yet what form they will take. I guess something like a network of mutual aid would start from the core of challengers that we form. A kind of creative partnership, maybe. But it’s still too early to tell. Perhaps I’ll know more in a week or so. 

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