Day 9

Be reasonable.  

As a universal database, the internet is a priceless treasure and the leading cause of my writing inhibitions. Anyone who writes, or seeks to write, should start by turning off their phone notifications.

I just received one from my Amazon Kindle account that brings to my attention a series of books that should be of the utmost interest to me. I deliver here a small compilation of these miraculous books:   

– Techniques to get started in web writing.

– Bullet journaling, the secret of people who know how to organize themselves…

– The techniques of natural referencing

– Create your school on the internet

– Words that change minds, 

– Goal achievement system.

– Etc. Etc. 

If you suffer from the Diderot syndrome like me, you will probably want to buy all these books. 

You’ll end up buying one, then two, maybe even three, while telling yourself with a twinge of regret that you should probably have bought the title next to it. The one you hesitated so much about and to which you ended up preferring another one instead. 

You will download them and read them diagonally. You will quickly realize that you already know a good part of their content. You will only finish one out of two (at best) 

You will try to persuade yourself that your intentions were good. To produce quality content, you need to have solid references, you might say to yourself. 

Unfortunately, all your cases will never wholly dissipate the unpleasant feeling of having been the plaything of your own devil. 

You should have. You could have. But you didn’t. You will blame yourself and swear with your hand on your heart that you will not be caught again. 

That’s all well and good, but how will you keep from being tempted next time? 

I have only a few things to tell you. Be more self-confident. Trust a little bit more your current knowledge. Nobody ever starts to start from scratch. 

And you know what. 


And read the books you already have.